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Our German breads and rolls (Broetchen) are manufactured by hand according to traditional original German recipes. Since the quality and freshness of our baked goods is our top priority, we do not use artificial dyes, artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Our uniqueness is based on the use of natural rye sourdough, fresh yeast, selected grains and the careful choice of flours, which differs considerably from the usual flavors of available breads and rolls on the American market.

All our products are baked fresh daily. Since we are not like a big factory but rather produce our product gently by hand, we are able to fulfill most individual requests. Our regular items include Mixed Bread, Rye Bread, Whole Grain Bread, a large variety of different rolls and German pretzels.

Our products are distinguished not only by their taste and quality, but also for their healthy ingredients, especially our breads with whole grains.



Baked Fresh Daily Our Selection of Bread, PASTRIES and CAKES are Made GENTLY BY HAND WITH HEALTHY iNGREDIENTS.

9255 S Eastern Ave

​89123 Las Vegas

​(702) 648-0077

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr:  09°° - 17³°

​Sa:           08°° - 16³°

​So:         09°° - 13³°

2237 N Rampart Blvd

​89128 Las Vegas

​(702) 233-2733

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr:  07³° - 16³°

​Sa:           07³° - 16³°

​So:           09°° - 13³°